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"TRIPKO: The FIRST and ONLY Transport Card with Automated Contact Tracing in the Country!"

In fight against COVID-19, one of the guidelines implemented by the Philippine Government under Road Transport sector is to require public utility vehicles (PUVs) to maintain a daily passenger manifest or logbook to record information of the commuters such as name, address, and contact number. This Trip Manifest shall be made available to any government agency if needed for contact tracing purposes.

According to World Health Organization, contact tracing is an essential public health tool needed to control the spread of COVID-19 in communities. It tracks down anyone who might have been infected by a person who was recently diagnosed so those contacts can quarantine themselves and prevent further spread. Without it, flattening the curve will be unattainable especially without a cure.

With its criticality, TRIPKO made the process much more efficient being the first of reloadable payment cards in the country to automate contact tracing.

The process starts with card registration which TRIPKO made more convenient by providing passengers multiple options to register either via the web, app, or through the help of Promo staff located at Starmall Alabang, Market! Market!, and Alabang Town Center booths.

Upon registration, the passenger needs to provide their name, address, contact number, and other details. When successful, the passenger can check their load balance, view their travel history, and get the latest updates on promos and new routes. Best of all, the passenger gets a 1 year free Personal Accident Insurance from COCOGEN worth Ps 10,000.

Moreover, each ride will be automatically recorded with just a tap of the TRIPKO card into a mobile POS called TICKETKO. This TICKETKO device generates accumulated daily trip information which the transport company representative/s can view or print upon the request of any government agency.

This innovative way of contact tracing not only just makes the process efficient but also minimizes contact which is the most important. Manual logging comprises of two contact points- the pen and the logbook. These two are shared by the transport company employee and passengers which then can serve as an accessory in spreading the virus upon contact with the infected.

Indeed, modern problems call for modern solutions. TRIPKO is one with the country in fight against this pandemic. Let us heal as one and beat COVID-19.


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