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Tap your TRIPKO at Sandigan Transport Cooperative

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

You may now use your TRIPKO card at Sandigan.

Starting May 15, 2021, tap your TRIPKO card when you ride with Sandigan Transport Service Cooperative with the Buendia – Fairview route. From their previous terminal beside the LRT Gil Puyat station (north bound), they now transferred in front of it at the Buendia Terminal together with DLTB Bus Company Inc.

Like what their mission implies, Sandigan has its commitment to create continuous improvements and systems that would further translate to efficiency of transportation and help ease the problem of our commuting public. One of its biggest leaps is to go cashless with TRIPKO card. NO CARD, NO RIDE is strictly implemented at the Buendia Terminal.

Commuters only need to register and present one (1) valid ID to claim their FREE TRIPKO Card. They can also reload at the terminal before riding the bus. If you’re a regular commuter, better if you load your card good for days or a week already so you can jump off the vehicle straight away.

Excited to travel cashless? Head on to Sandigan Terminal and experience doing the load tap relax with TRIPKO!


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