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Tap your TRIPKO at Route 14 Buses

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Starting July 21, 2021, tap your TRIPKO card when you ride with these buses, Starmall Alabang – EDSA Ayala route:

· CEM Transport

· Cher Transport

· HM Transport

· Jasper Jean Transport Inc.

· Reinalyn Bus Lines Corp.

· Saint Rose Transit

· South City Express Inc.

· Unicab

Commuters only need to register and present one (1) valid ID to claim their FREE TRIPKO Card. They can reload the card at the TRIPKO booths located in Starmall Alabang, Sucat, Bicutan, and EDSA Ayala stops. If you commute regularly, better if you load your card good for days or a week so you can jump off the bus straight away without the worry of looking for coins or waiting for your change while on board.

Paying via TRIPKO reduces the risk on spreading the virus as we continue to fight against the threat of COVID19 when riding public transport. Automated fare collection system also allows you to experience the smart ride and the convenience of cashless commuting.

If you’re a new TRIPKO card user on this route, you may download the TRIPKO app or login to your account at so you can keep track of your load balance and transactions. Your account password is sent to the email you provided upon claiming your FREE TRIPKO card. This means that you do not have to register again on your own, but only to change password when you first logged in using the credentials sent to you.

Note that bus companies have full control over their operations – this includes modes and execution of payment, trip schedules, bus availability, and compliance to the fare matrix imposed by LTFRB.

So, the next time you’ll commute on this route, make sure get your TRIPKO card ready to load, tap, and relax!


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