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TRIPKO is now in Pampanga!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

On the photo are two employees from 3 Big Boys Transportation Service Corporation Commuters can now have more access to contactless payment via TRIPKO card in the North. Passengers can now use their TRIPKO card when travelling in Apalit to Dau, Pampanga as we have launched our sixth route with 3 Big Boys Transportation Service Corporation.

Starting July 7, 2020, you can now avail and reload your own TRIPKO reloadable payment card in our booth located at Apalit Terminal and Central Transport Terminal, Dau, Pampanga.

Half-way through the year and still in quarantine, safety precautions must still be followed most especially in the Road Transport Sector as various transport companies goes back to operations. Some of which are switching to cashless fare payment options and the requirement of the government to keep a logbook or trip manifest for easier contact tracing.

With TRIPKO the smart card, not only it makes commuting convenient, it also makes fare payment hygienic. Integrated with TICKETKO, a mobile POS device, passengers just only need to load via our promo staff geared with proper sanitation equipment, tap their card into the device and peel off the receipt and relax throughout the whole trip.

Not only that, TRIPKO makes contact tracing much easier. Just by registering, ka-TRIPKOs can check their balance and transaction history. They will also get the latest updates and are automatically entitled to a one year free Personal Accident Insurance from COCOGEN. The best part is with every tap, details needed for a trip manifest are automatically recorded therefore eliminating the need to manually write on the transport company’s logbook.

Make a smart choice now and switch to contactless with TRIPKO!


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