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"TRIPKO Bread Giveaway!"

What’s the magic word? FREE!

Last January 31, the TRIPKO Barkada went to Market! Market! to give out FREE Cheese Streusel to all of our Facebook followers.

With the announcement on social media and text blast to registered users prior to the giveaway activity, ka-TRIPKOs have been looking forward to grab a piece of the tasty Cheese Streusel.

From 3:00PM, the TRIPKO Barkada roved around the terminal area and approached passengers on queues. The goal is to give free bread in exchange for a Facebook page like. But other than that, we were delighted to see our ka-TRIPKOs faces light up the moment they saw our signage of FREE

Cheese Streusel just by liking TRIPKO’s Facebook page. Tired from the whole day’s work and falling in line for hours, the snack helped a lot in easing their growling stomachs.

At the end of the day, we were able to share 300 Cheese Streusels and gained more than 300 page likes.

Watch out for our next promos and activities by following us on our social media accounts @tripkoPH or by registering your TRIPKO card via our website or mobile app to receive exclusive emails and sms.


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