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As we enter to the “New Normal”, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) released a community guideline for Road Transport sector. One of which is for transport companies to keep a trip manifest or logbook of passengers for the purpose of contact tracing.

DOTr is also gearing the public to switch to cashless payments such as TRIPKO. With TRIPKO, you can minimize two main contact points of manual ticketing – bus tickets and cash handling. Bus tickets are passed on through different channels from production, inventory, dispatch until it is issued by conductors to passengers, which will be then subject to physical check by inspectors. Second contact point is the exchange of money to pay for fare. During transit, the tickets and money are held by the transport employee, and are exposed to the elements that once contaminated, will be passed on to others.

With this, TRIPKO became one of the first reloadable payment card to automate its registration and contact tracing. Each ride of the passenger is automatically recorded upon tapping. With this, manual logging of details into the transport company’s trip manifest can be avoided giving you a hassle-free ride. The passenger only needs to register his TRIPKO card via website, app, scan the QR code, or visit one of our Promo staff in our TRIPKO booths located at Starmall Alabang, Market! Market!, and Alabang Town Center bus terminals.

Upon registration of TRIPKO card, the passenger will be able to view the card balance via TRIPKO website or app. With this feature, passengers can monitor their balance anytime, anywhere!

Moreover, automated recording of every trip of the passenger will show the travel history which not only the passenger can view but also the transport company upon request.

Each trip has been recorded with minimal contact between the transport company employee and the passenger himself. With the travel history readily available, contact tracing will be more convenient.

The best part is, upon registration, the passenger is automatically qualified for Ps 10,000 Personal Accident Insurance for one year from COCOGEN (click here to view full Policy Coverage). It has no age limit plus the coverage is anywhere in the Philippines.

Don’t be left behind! This is the new normal. Register now!


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