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The Department of Transportation (DOTr) is set to work hard for the success of the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) with the goal of making the Philippines’ public transportation system efficient and environment-safe by 2020. The PUVMP calls for the phasing-out of jeepneys, buses and other Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs) that are at least 15 years old and replacing them with safer, more comfortable and more eco-friendly alternatives. But more than this, it is a comprehensive system reform that will entirely change the public land transportation industry. It features a regulatory reform and sets new guidelines for the issuance of franchise for road based public transport services.

And while the project is still a work in progress, what can we do as commuters to support the government?

  • Be open to change and explore new products being endorsed to push the program further. Try riding the modern jeepneys or using reloadable payment cards on your journey. TRIPKO Smart Card is one of the services introduced to the public to push the modernization campaign for faster ticketing and safer contactless transactions.

  • Understand the process as we are all taking steps to improve our transportation system and learning along the way. Since most of the projects are just new in the market or implemented in a dry-run mode, it is expected to encounter some glitches, problems and mishaps so let us try to be more patient and offer support rather than get mad with the new flow.

  • Always look at the bright side despite the daily struggle in commuting and the persistent traffic in the Metro that consumes our positive energy. Losing your temper or whining everyday will not solve the problem in any way. With all the constructions and rehabilitations, the government is finding solutions to ease the current state.

  • Following the rules and showing proper discipline can ultimately create a good impact to our daily lives on the road. Use the designated pedestrian crossings and footbridges, respect other commuters’ space, and abide with public queuing. If only we can be more considerate and learn to empathize more.

The journey to a completely convenient means of commuting is still a long, long way but each of us can contribute and help improve our everyday trips if we stay optimistic with our daily journey.


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