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Additional Buses for Starmall Alabang-Market! Market! Route

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Starting July 10, 2020, ka-TRIPKOs can now use their TRIPKO cards not only in HM Transport but also in BBL Trans and Dela Rosa Transit plying Starmall Alabang to Market! Market! route providing you more buses and less waiting time.

As we move forward, more and more transport companies have seen the importance of TRIPKO and its role in the “New Normal”- The elimination of three contact points which may increase the risk of acquiring and spreading of COVID-19. First contact point is the use of manual tickets which are held by the transport company employee and when contaminated, may be passed on. Second contact point is cash handling wherein the exchange of cash increases the risk of further spread as the virus can stay into surfaces for hours. And lastly is the manual logging into the trip manifest for contact tracing wherein passengers hold the same pen and logbook therefore also increasing the risks.

TRIPKO the smart card, not only makes commuting convenient, it also makes fare payment hygienic. With TICKETKO, a mobile POS device, passengers just only needs to load via our promo staff geared with proper sanitation equipment, tap their card unto the device and peel off the receipt from the device and relax throughout the whole trip.

Not only that, just by registering, which TRIPKO made it easier by providing various options (via Website, TRIPKO app, Scanning the QR code, or via our promo staff in Market! Market!, Starmall Alabang, and Alabang Town Center booths), Ka-TRIPKOs can not only check their balance and transaction history, they will also get the latest updates, and are automatically entitled to a one year free Personal Accident Insurance from COCOGEN. The best part is with every tap, details needed for a trip manifest are automatically recorded, which then makes contact tracing much more efficient.

What are you waiting? Switch to contactless payment now with TRIPKO!


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