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"TRIPKO is now in Yellow Bus Line"

TRIPKO is truly dominating the Philippine islands as it arrives in Mindanao with Yellow Bus Line.

Beginning March 11, 2021, experience the smart ride when you travel via Yellow Bus Line traversing from Koronadal all the way to Davao, and vice versa. With more than 60 years in the industry, the company really aims to step up their game embracing the modern age with contactless payment via reloadable transport card. This only goes to show their thirst for improvement in making sure that you commute conveniently in the Philippines and to deliver safety as well amidst the COVID19 pandemic.

Are you a true-blue rider of Yellow Bus? Get your FREE TRIPKO card today and reload on these terminals:

  • Koronadal

  • Gensan

  • Digos

  • Davao

Remember to stay tuned for updates and trip schedules posted on Mindanao, we’re excited to see you load, tap and relax with your TRIPKO cards!


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